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RealTime Consulting Services (RTCS) provides a wide range of Information Technology and Human Resources solutions. We have a solid, proven success record in servicing small, middle and large organizations to meet their most complex business goals.

Our RTCS team comes with over 20 years of solid industry experience working for high tech, software and professional services organizations. We specialize in delivering results to companies that would not normally be able to justify a large internal infrastructure. 

We offer a choice of solutions that improve your productivity, reduce costs and help you achieve your business goals.

bullet IT Services range from Client Server systems design & implementation to Wireless Networks to Enterprise Security assessments and lockdowns.
bullet HR Services include Organizational Development, Recruitment & Retention, Compensation & Benefits as well as support of HR related matters that can be done on or off-site.

Network Security
Our team of skilled consultants are ready to ensure that your network systems are not vulnerable to unexpected problems and security issues


HR to the rescue!
HR must play a critical role when companies face economic downturns.  Our consultants can help you weather the storm to ensure your organization is staying focused to meet your strategic objectives.



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