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Company Background

RealTime Consulting Services was formed in 1997 in order to provide clients with the solutions they need to align their technology and management requirements with their business goals. We found that small and large companies alike had similar needs in the areas of Human Resources management, particularly in Technology environments, as well as implementation requirements in the Client Server and Networking areas.

From the startup to Fortune 100 company, the client needs ranged from simple staff augmentation to design and implementation of various systems and processes. Most clients also had similar business requirements in their international operations as well as their home front service needs. Part of our expertise is the ability to effectively tailor the solution to the client's specific requirements, relative to their business goals, company size, and location of operations.

While these requirements are still in demand today, we have expanded our services to include a wider variety of disciplines in both the Information Technology and Human Resources areas, including Project Management, Platform Engineering, Systems Security, Wireless Networks, HIPAA, Organizational Development, HR Process Analysis and Design, and Staff Mentoring.

Our Mission Statement

Deliver customized solutions that meet your organization's strategic objectives. Our services must increase your organization's productivity, revenue and profitability.

When we service a client, we become part of them and performance with integrity becomes our number one goal.


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