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  HR Policy Development

Assessment, development, and/or re-design of Employee Handbook, Manager Manuals, and Corporate Policy and Procedures documentation and HR Procedures Manual

HR Practices Review

Comprehensive review of current HR practices to minimize legal exposure
HR process audit
Federal and State Employment and Labor compliance audit

Performance Management

Rewards and Incentive program evaluation
Performance management program design and delivery
Succession Planning and Coaching

Employee Relations

Performance Coaching and Counseling
Retention Programs
EEOC/DFEH Discrimination Complaint Investigation
Turnover analysis

Compensation and Benefits

Design and Implementation
Cost Analysis and utilization
Evaluation of current benefit and compensation programs
Equity Analysis, planning and design
Targeted Compensation Programs (Sales Compensation, Short Term and Long Term incentives, etc.)

Merger and Acquisition Management

Effective HR Integration
Due Diligence

Training and Development

Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills Training
Presentation Training
Consulting Skills Training
Management Training and Team Building
Multi-cultural Training and Coaching
Sensitivity Training
HR staff Training and Development

Recruitment and Resource Planning

Source, interview and selection
Budget planning and development
Market research
Competitor Analysis



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